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Secret Gardens in Ferrara with Interno Verde

Secret gardens in Ferrara was Interno Verde, a lovely event, which happened last weekend in Ferrara, my hometown. People opened their houses and especially their gardens to the public. Below some photographs I took.

Secret Gardens in Ferrara

Interno Verde 

You have to know that last weekend there was a new event in my hometown and actually, one of the greatest I have been so far. Ferrara is a very old Medieval/Renaissance town in central Italy with lots of architectural jewels inside but most of them are hidden.
The organization Il Turco planned a two days event called “InternoVerde” (meaning the green inside) where in collaboration with private residents agreed to open house gardens to visitors throughout the entire city.
You were free to walk or bike around town and have a sneak peek of all the internal backyards that are usually closed to the public. Some gardens were just breathtaking and there were so many (around 40!) that I needed both Saturday and Sunday to see them all. So note to self: next time save more time.
I will leave you with some of the pictures I took at the event and wait for the analog ones. Luckily the  event was a success and they are planning another one, probably bigger, next spring and I am absolutely thrilled to go again.

Via Terranuova, 28, an old palace, a frog, a green house and a lot of cactus
Palazzo Prosperi-Sacrati, Corso Ercole I d’Este, 23

Via Terranuova, 25

La Marfisa
Internal garden with a maze/labyrinth (how cool!!) at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Ferrara, Via XX Settembre, 122

And for last, my friend’s house. OMG! Serious envy.

Isn’t it a great event? I discover they are doing something similar in Milan and I wish it could be a trend even in other cities. Man, I would look to sneak around Notting Hill backyards!!

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