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A White Summer with StyleWe

You have already seen this dress, which is no more available, in this blog post here: The Boho White Dress …so I have found you a good alternative because this summer I am all about whites. Don’t know why. I just want to be dressed in white. And you might want that too.

A White Summer with StyleWe

StyleWe.com* is a website with a selection of independent designers from all around the world. I have selected a few pieces in white that looks amazing and perfect as a replacement of this maxi dress. Come along with me to see  the best women white dress.


I love lace and thin embroideries in white dresses. These two were simply perfect. The perfect solution to replace that long maxi dress I am wearing on the top image.
I love how the first dress, the one on the left, has the high neck and the long sleeves. It reminds so much of the Sicilian style, the Dolce&Gabbana one. It is so pretty, feminine and delicate. It would be stunning with a bright intense red lipstick.
The one on the right instead is loose and airy. I love the double skirt, and that midi length of the sleeves is great when you get sunburned in summer (don’t tell it doesn’t happen to you). Well this dress could be great for the happy hour time or the beginning of the night.


The first floral one, on the left, looks like a maxi skirt but they are actually a pair of flare trousers. Incredibly see-through but that floral pattern is like a fairytale. It makes them so light and perfect for a sightseeing tour during your holiday.
On the right then, this more-than-midi-but-not-maxi skirt is perfect for either a casual look as in the picture or a more lady-alike look. It is up to you. Wear it with high fancy heels or a pair of Adidas it is great anyway.
These items are really nice, I only think that they are a little bit pricey, but they always have sales going on so keep an eye on that section and this might save your summer.
What do you think? White for this summer or not?

*this is a sponsored post with StyleWe.com

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