A Sephora summer haul 35mm in style

A Summer/Winter Sephora Haul

I told you I was back home last week and there was some discount going on at Sephora, so I ended up with a tiny summer/winter Sephora haul.

A Summer/Winter Sephora Haul

Now why Summer/Winter? Ahah not only because I am weird but because I bought one very summer-y item and another one that I have wanted for ages, which is surely more winter-y than most.

The first thing I have got is this huge bronzer/terracotta/blush from Sephora. And the second one is THE Burberry lipstick, good old Oxblood. Then you have my Coco Noir perfume from Chanel, but that is just a prop for the photo! Or you can read of my perfume collection here, it hasn’t changed a bit since last year!
Let’s get into details with these two products!

Burberry Lipstick in Oxblood, (25£ / 30 EUR / 34$)
How much not summer-y is my choice? But you have to understand me: Oxblood is my color (yes, I am talking to my most used bag ever, the Cambridge Satchel in the color – guess what? Oxblood!). It is a matte finish (yeah!) and still really creamy. The shade is so so pretty, a dark brownish red. It yelled at me, I had to get it.
Given how expensive this line is, 30 euros per each lipstick, I took advantage of the 20% off at Sephora otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it, just dreamt of it.

This is damn pretty. First of all, packaging is all. Then it smells amazing and the product is so good. Given my difficulties in beauty, I don’t really know what it is for. But I would use it as a bronzer or a summer terracotta with some shimmer on it. Just to make me look a little bit tanned and sun kissed.
Do you have more ideas? Please help me out because it will last me for ages. I have checked and unfortunately you can’t find it in the US stores, but maybe in France and surely in Italy!(:
What do you think? Let me know!!

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