Autumn Vibes to Smell: The Best Margiela Replica perfumes for autumn

Let me tell you which of Margiela’s famous Replica perfumes is the best to wear in the autumn season.

If you have read my old blog post My Perfume Collection you would know that I love fragrances. I adore how they can transport you in time and uplift your vibe instantly.

When I was in my mid 20s I remember a trip to London. I was hanging out with a friend who was also a beauty expert and she dragged me to Liberty, in the beauty and lifestyle section, the one just on the side of the entrance with flowers.

Anyway, I remember smelling there my first Replica perfume. Jazz Club.

We will start from it.

The Top 3 Margiela Replica perfumes for autumn

1.Jazz Club

Nothing to say. This fragrance screams old vibes, a nice leather couch, a good Classic book and some whisky glass for the men in the room. This is also a strong men’s perfume, cosy and elegant.

For me and my personal list is with no doubts at number one.

2.Autumn Vibes

The name says it all, it’s self-explanatory. When you smell it you feel like you are in Edinburgh walking around the park hearing the crunch of the colorful leaves under your feet. You see the Vermont foliage when you decide to wear this scent. So, Autumn Vibes is number 2 on the list of the best Margiela Replica perfumes for autumn.

3.By the Fireplace

To finish in style we need this touch of fire and ashes. Fireplace by Margiela is perfect as a scent for the living room to spray on a cold autumn day when it’s rainy and grey outside.

Overall these 3 perfumes are the best for autumn and they give you autumn vibes even when you are experiencing a never-ending summer (just like now).

This pack of four mini sizes of perfume could be a great gift idea for anyone who loves autumn and by being so tiny, they are eligible to be defined “extra cute”. Perfect to uplevel your house.

Let me know whether a scent makes you travel in space and time as it does to me. Which one of these fragrances would you like to try?


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