Neon Make-Up 35mm in style

Neon Make-Up

This is the final post with this series of photos and this time is all about make-up. This is a fancy gallery to get some bright neon inspiration for a look.

Neon Make-Up

All these photographs will show a Neon Make-Up because we decided (me and Ines) to go 100%. I was wearing this pair of leggings very bright (Pinstokill leggings reviewed here) and the make up had to be very important as well.

Okay, from me you’d only get a good gallery, because Ines, she is the expert of make-up, I love playing with it, but she is serious and much more able than me of explaining stuff (actually she did it already).


Go to Ines blog post > Neon Spring Sunset Make-Up
I can only say that we were scared about having to use a bright bright magenta and a yellow but in reality it looks so pretty and not too intense.
Bear in mind: when I say it doesn’t look so intense it is referred to the pictures, in real life it is very intense and I would go more subtle about these colors.


Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
MA + Ph: goldenwolves
Would you dare to wear something like it?

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