Zoeva Palette Opulence

The Opulence Palette by Zoeva Explained by a Beauty Alien


Zoeva Palette OpulenceI am writing another beauty post, this time to give you The Opulence Palette by Zoeva Explained by a Beauty Alien aka me. You may be very aware of how much clumsy I am with make-up, so be ready for an alternative beauty review.


Zoeva Palette Opulence

The Opulence Palette by Zoeva Explained by a Beauty Alien


Ferrara, Italy


35mminstyle (myself)


Canon 5D Mii

Opulence Palette

Zoeva Palette Opulence 35mminstyle

I have seen this palette on a Sunday afternoon while sightseeing in an Italian city. Okay, we entered Sephora in the meanwhile of our tourist route and there was THIS palette. You have to know I am very fond of Zoeva palette even though I am far from being a beauty guru, blogger or aficionado.

Once I tried the Zoeva brand with brushes, I was in love. Seeing this palette on the shelves with this beautiful packaging (it reminds me of the Great Gatsby a lot!) was enough for me to buy it. Also because it has a pale matte red colour inside. I grab my credit card and I bought it immediately.

Okay little intro finished, now let’s go talk about the colours.

The Colors

As always, the pigmentation of the eyeshadow is intense and the palette covers mostly shiny luxury golden colours. In fact, the majority of the palette has sparkly eyeshadows except for the darker colours. Then in the middle of all there is the most beautiful and difficult of all: the RED! <3

How on earth am I going to apply it? I am a brunette with blue eyes and a pale face, yet I want to wear this colour everyday! Now, everyday must become sometimes and I need to improve my make-up skills, but apart from this, this palette is insanely gorgeous.

I highly highly recommend it!

Zoeva Palette Opulence 35mminstyle

From left to right first row: High Chair (delicate champagne colour)/ Society Figures (gold) / Get Your Glory (THE red!) / Imperial (shiny red) / Koh-i-Noor (shiny blue) – second row: Industrial Fortune (golden straw colour) / Sense of Movement (dark shiny rose gold) / Queen for a Day (brown-green) / The Only Delight (light violet) / Golden Years (dark matte purple)

Zoeva Palette Opulence 35mminstyle

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the choice of names?

 Have you ever tried it? Or just a red eyeshadow? Even though is super daring, it’s so pretty.



xx Cate (the Beauty Alien!)


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