Promoting your blog in an analog way 35mminstyle

Promoting your Blog in an Analog Way 35mminstyle

StickerApp let me create some stickers and I have decided to use them for promoting my blog in an analog way by leaving blog stickers around my hometown and having them ready to be used as business cards.

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Promoting your Blog in an Analog Way

Promoting your Blog in an Analog Way 35mminstyle

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Promoting your Blog in an Analog Way via StickerApp*

I am the girl who still shoots in analog and promoting my blog is by far no different. I obviously do the social media sharing part but what about having something like a business card that you can give to people who ask about your work?

If business cards are for everyone, well stickers are way cooler! Hence, why not having stickers as business card with simply your blog’s name and logo on them?

I am all in. In fact, that’s exactly what I did with StickerApp*. They are an online site that creates custom stickers while also having a big range of already designed stickers with different texts, papers and images.

Promoting your Blog in an Analog Way 35mminstyle

For the business card idea, I chose two different pictures with my blog’s logo. One hand-written by me and the other created with Adobe Photoshop, my good old friend! I decided to print these two so that I could then leave them in shops, cafes and essentially give them to people who have an interest in the blog. This little sticker would be a handy reminder of the name of my blog. I wish people who have a blog/youtube channel/portfolio, would also have a piece of paper to give to me so that I can remember to check it out.

There is no trick when promoting your blog. It is a continuous creation and so many new ways pop out every now and then. I love to insert the analog way alongside a more virtual and social blog promotion because that is who I am.

Regardless, whether it is via leaflets, via stickers, by voice, business cards, social media promoting, all of the above, none of the above,  just find what suits you best and go for it. This is my suggestion, follow your gut! Doing something is better than just thinking.

Have you ever thought of creating something similar? I strongly believe that using analog systems alongside virtual sharing is the best combo to expand the audience of your blog. Do you agree?

* These products have been sent for review by StickerApp. 

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Promoting your blog in an analog way 35mminstyle

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