3 best minimalist templates for bloggers

3 Best Minimalist Templates for Blogger

The Best 3 Blogger Templates

I have listed my favourite 3 minimalist templates for Blogger for any bloggers’ budget.

3 Best Minimalist Template for Bloggers


Today I want to give you my suggestions of the platform I know best: Blogger. Having to choose the layout of a blog is one of my favourite thing to do! To this extent, I have been using Blogger for two years now and I have finally found some good blog designs.
My blog graphic changed 3 times in 2 years because I love giving a new look to my blog. First impression is absolutely fundamental in this world, so if you are looking for some professional, very minimalist blog design for Blogger keep reading, because I have listed my top three at the moment. The first two are also WordPress friendly while the last one is only for Blogger. Let’s see if you already know them!

I feel like everybody knows this name, since he is the author of very famous themes such as inthefrow, ellenextdoor, it is also the designer of my most recent two layouts, this one included. Apart from that, the quality and design of pipdig’s themes are essential and very classic. Black and white is predominant and we love it. Also, whether you are in trouble in the making, pipdig immediately has your back. I had problems with my post slider, I tweeted it and I got answered straight away. I highly recommend this, it gives your blog a very professional look.


  • For Blogger + Wordpress.
  • Responsive
  • Budget: 30-50£
This girl knows it all – or at least a huge deal. She makes amazing blog designs and helps you with valuable blog tips every week. When you subscribe to her mailing list, she thanks you by leaving you a “how to start blogging” ebook which is fantastic even if you are a grown blogger! She is then super professional and reachable. Don’t be afraid to ask her for suggestions before purchasing one of her layout. She also offers custom themes.


  • For Blogger + WordPress
  • Responsive
  • Budget: 40-50£
I have recently discovered this templates brand on Etsy and it is amazing. If you have just started out and your budget is limited, you’ll have everything covered because the templates here are very professional and very cheap at the same time. Unfortunately I have no direct experience, I have never bought from here, but I have bookmarked it because there are so many blog templates I adore! And they are so cheap which is definitely a great point to consider. Little shame for WordPress friends is that the templates are for Blogger only. But don’t worry, the WordPress templates are endless!


  • Only for Blogger
  • Responsive
  • Budget: < 10£
So are you a design obsessed blogger like me? What’s your current theme or the one you have your eyes on? Let me know xx

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3 best minimalist templates for bloggers

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