most valuable tips to stay motivated 35mminstyle

The Two Most Valuable Blogging Tips to Stay Motivated

Most valuable blogging tips 35mminstyle

The two most valuable blogging tips to stay motivated even when everything goes wrong. I will share with you what I have learned by reading and following inthefrow.


The Two Most Valuable Blogging Tips to Stay Motivated





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Today I want to talk about my latest blogging problems. As soon as I think I managed to solve one problem, boom, another appears right away. Right now I cannot use Google Adsense because apparently I already have one, therefore the disappearance of my google+. Seriously? What have I done wrong?

This small intro to help you get to the juicy part which are my blogging tips on how to stay motivated when technology problems happen. One year ago I wrote a post with the tips I learned from Inthefrow and this time is no different.

The Two Most Valuable Blogging Tips to Stay Motivated come from me reading her blog and processing the evolution of blogging.

Most valuable blogging tips 35mminstyle

INTHEFROW is the incredible blog of Victoria Magrath. She is a British fashion blogger with an amazing style and a great positive attitude. She is changing the blogosphere in a very simple way and there is always something we can learn from her.

Getting back to us, I have been living in a messy situation and when technology is not helping, I very easily give up. Not forever, but for a few days yes, I let it go. I don’t think it’s an unhealthy solution but I always feel like I could have done more. And here is where Victoria positivity towards blogging comes to hand. In fact, the most valuable blogging tips to stay motivated are:

  • Be Different and Unique
  • Blogging is Simple if you want it to be simple

Most valuable blogging tips 35mminstyleBe Different and Unique

Following Victoria’s post on how to improve your brand and blog, I figure out that we have to stay true to who we are. We might have a huge passion of beauty and this passion may be transformed into smart reviews of products. In my case, there is always one certain thing: my passion for film photography. Hence I will insert it in my blog even more, no matter if it’s on trend or not.

Also as you might know I am terrible with make-up, I am a slow learner nonetheless there some products I LOVE too much not to mention them. So I am trying to make them unique calling myself the ‘beauty alien‘ because it is actually the truth. See category beauty.

And you can use the same method: customise your way of writing, your type of photography or the layout of your blog. Anything that makes your blog YOU.

Blogging is Simple if you want it to be simple

I need to explain this one a little bit more. To me blogging is a stream of consciousness of what somebody likes and experiences. Therefore it’s an unlimited virtual space with no boundaries and I feel that being honest always pays off. For me having a platform to write on is therapeutic. Having a conversation with people with more or less the same interests is a gift.

That’s why I am saying that depending on what you want to do, no matter how hard is actually blogging, at its core, blogging is simple if you keep it simple. I love how Inthefrow Victoria is so down to earth and reachable. If blogging has to become something to stress us even more, it loses its first purpose of being a help.

Wherever it gets hard to stay motivated, always have clear in mind the simple questions: why have I started? what do I love the most? Answering these will help you getting back on track!
Hope it is somehow helpful and that it makes sense.
xx CateMost valuable blogging tips 35mminstyle
most valuable tips to stay motivated 35mminstyle

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