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The Free Weekly + Monthly Planner for Bloggers You Need

Free Weekly & Monthly Planner for Bloggers 35mminstyle

I decided to create a Weekly + Monthly Planners for Bloggers free for you to use. I hated not finding one I liked, so I made up my mind and did it by myself.

Weekly + Monthly Planners for Bloggers

Two Free Downloadable Planners

Lately, I am getting more and more convinced that blogging is one very difficult job. Taking notes of ideas, blog posts titles, SEO, social media sharing and so on, everything is overwhelming. So I stopped myself and started to think of some solutions to avoid feeling overwhelmed and close to burn-out again.

How not to feel overwhelmed?


To have a visual reminder of the baby steps of your blogging improvement is so important when working for oneself.

It didn’t occur to me immediately but I noticed one routine I do every day at my work as an e-commerce photographer. And it is very simple. I have a notebook where every day I write my to-do lists of things to do. Hence why I thought about Weekly & Monthly Planners.

Planners, Journal and To-do Lists are very important in the world of blogging. They help you schedule what it may be called your Blogging Routine. They also help you stay on track and to avoid burn-out because you have a list of things you have successfully achieved day by day.

Before getting to my Free Weekly & Monthly Planner for Bloggers, it is good to know what you may use them for.

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Create a Blogging Routine

Your Blogging Routine or Blogging Schedule needs to be thought some time ahead. Don’t worry because this will simplify the whole process of blogging:

  • divide the tasks you have to do in Priorities, Recurring Tasks and Easy Tasks.


Priorities are those tasks with a deadline. For instance, they may be, create the weekly new blog post, edit the contact info page with updated statistics or create new images for one social media.

These are the one that cannot be postponed because consistency is key. Remember that this is the number 1 tip I learned from Inthefrow.

Remember not to put 100 Priority tasks in one week because you have to be practical and real. Know yourself and know how to use the time you have.

Recurring Tasks

The Recurring Tasks are those repetitive ones. As for example, you know that you are uploading a new IG photo on your feed twice a week?

Perfect, write it down. Tuesdays & Thursdays. Noted.

Or you know you have to repin for Pinterest every day?

If you are not doing it automatically, write down that at 7PM every day you use 10 minutes for repinning.

Easy Tasks

The Easy Tasks are those tasks that keep a short amount of time to finish them but exactly for this, you always forget to do them.

For me, it is creating alternative Pinterest templates. I never take the time to do it even though it is a very fast task for me.

For you, it may be writing down some posts.

Write down those tasks in which you are a boss in order not to forget them.

Dividing the tasks not only in my head but also on the paper helps me to have a broader idea of what I have to do and to feel satisfied and relaxed. I note down everything I can do and if it happens that I am not able to finish a task, I will simply move it to the next day.

This has helped me so much in balancing my time – as you know I work full-time so the time for blogging is so little – and in achieving results without getting crazy or stressed.

My Weekly & Monthly Planners

The story is that I was looking around for a weekly or monthly planner because I need to write things down, use different colors, post-its and so on – very old school, I know.  But I wasn’t able to find any that suited me.

In the end, I have decided to create one myself, accordingly to my needs of a blogger.  I opened Photoshop and I started… as results, I got two! One minimal weekly planner and one minimal monthly planner.

They suit bloggers schedule perfectly.

Monthly Planner

35mminstyle free monthly planner for bloggers

Weekly Planner

35mminstyle free weekly blogger planner

How to Download Free Planners

If you are like me, feel free to use them. To this extent, I have created a section on this blog dedicated to all my free resources. Once you are in my mailing list, you will immediately get access to My Free Resource Library.

Yes, you would only need the password and you will be able to download and use so many of my resources for bloggers and photographer for free.

Right away.

Add your email in the box below to receive the password for my Free Resources Library for Bloggers & Photographers in your inbox right now. Don’t you think it is time to start valuing your blog work and rock it like a pro?

I do think so. And you do too.

If you arrived reading this last part, you are a dreamer who knows that working hard for life is good. Let me help you with useful resources I purposely created throughout my years of blogging.

free access to resources library 35mminstyle

Once you get inside, let me know whether you download them and if you need some edits. I will be happy to make a 2.0 planner in the future.

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blogging schedule free blog planners
blogging schedule free blog planners
blogging schedule free blog planners

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