How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without shooting any

How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without Shooting Any

How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without shooting any

Today I want to share with you my top tips on how to always have blog ready images without shooting any. None of these tips involved using stock photos.

You can do better than stock photos.

This series of posts is dedicated to blog photography which is photography thought especially for bloggers needs. Because I am a blogger and photographer myself, I have always wanted to put together the best of both worlds.

As a blogger, I need pretty photographs to go alongside my blog posts.

As a photographer, I can’t stand stock photos.

But here is the problem: how to always have blog ready images when I need them? Managing time has always been a problem – could you relate? And preparing high standards photographs takes time.

But do not despair because I have the solution! And it will blow your mind when you read it.

How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without shooting any

How to always have blog ready images without shooting any 

As I was saying I am not the biggest fan of stock photos. Let’s avoid using them because you would then lack of:

  • authenticity
  • uniqueness
  • personal style

And these 3 things are fundamental for a blogger. You must have a unique voice, be authentic in what you write about and have a personal style in photography. 

How to achieve a personal style in photography might be tricky at the beginning but I have written the perfect guide to master it. Give it a go and then let me know.

In addition today we will leave stock photos on a side because we need to be unique! In order to do so, it’s time to create our best photographs. And I will help you save time giving you my method!

My method to save time for having blog ready images without shooting

As bloggers, we know the type of photographs we need: fashion bloggers would need outdoor or indoor style photos, just like out of a magazine, beauty bloggers would need flat-lays and products photography, lifestyle bloggers would need interior design images and travel bloggers would need beautiful landscapes, city corners and much more.

It’s A LOT!

Especially if we like to talk about all topics. I was like that and as a photographer, I just can’t stop taking a lot of pictures.

And it is fine!! Shoot as much as you can when you are travelling, when you have your new beauty products or when you have planned a day for some fashion photos. 

How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without shooting any

My first tip is:

  • dedicate one day a month to take as many pictures as you can


  • export all these pictures from your camera/phone on a folder in your computer
  • select your favourite ones
  • create multiple stocks 

Create multiple stocks means that from the same set/location you can edit the chosen images differently (different colours visual consistency) and instead of having them ready for one blog post, you have it for two.

And this method can go on forever.

And thirdly:

  • store them for when you will need them
How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without shooting any
How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without shooting any

My real-life example on how to save time shooting: my routine

On my last outdoor shoot, I was in the same location for only one hour. My friend-photographer and I simply changed angles and perspectives multiple times. And in the end, we shot approximately 400 pictures.

Once home, I selected my favourites (around 50) and I then edited them in different ways. This has taken me one hour or so.

As a result, I have a collection of 5 different groups of photographs I can use for different purposes such as updating my homepage or be ready for new blog posts.

Specifically, from 400 unedited pictures, I chose more or less 50-60 images which will be used for:

  • one stock was edited in black and white (6-7 images) used here in this post
  • another has very bright yellow tones and it is dedicated to my Homepage Imagery (10 images)
  • a deep blue one for a future blog post on photography (4-5 images)
  • I added a coat to my outfit and I created images for my latest post on self-care on how I committed myself and why you should too (10-12 images)
  • some more images with the sunset that for now have no blog post ready but they are here for when I will need them (5-6 images)
free photography guide for bloggers


In my blog photography guide which is FREE in the Resource Library, I explain in-depth the different poses you should always take and I give you extra tips for fashion shooting and products shooting.

Have you read it? Here is below is how to receive in your inbox! Don’t miss out this amazing opportunity!

The Top Tips to always have blog ready images without shooting

Can you see how much time you can save by using this method of shooting as much as you can and then edit smartly?

How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without shooting any

It only took me and my photographer friend ONE HOUR of time! Then we went to a bakery to have a slice of cake and some coffee (always thank your friends).

As for editing, it took me around another hour. That’s it! Two hours and I am good for a whole month if not more!

So to sum it up, here what I suggest you to do in order to always have blog ready photos without shooting every week.

  1. think in batches
  2. create your photography bank
  3. create an archive

1.Think in Batches

Think in batches is the smartest option because from one shoot you can have multiple sets of photos for your coming blog posts. 

When shooting always remember to change position or perspective and take different types of pictures. 

When editing then, be again the smart boss you are and edit the pictures differently. Different filters and colour will immediately separate your images and they will stand out. Work on your visual consistency following these rules.

How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without shooting any

2.Create your Photography Bank

When you have different images, it is very easy to create your own photography bank. Your OWN stock photos. No need to buy perfect images that look all the same because you will have YOURS.



That screams: “I took them!”.

3.Create an Archive

Once, you have used your images on blog posts, remember to create an archive of your images. In order not to reuse them, it is a good habit to store them with a method.

What I do is create folders for my main topics (photography – blogging – self-care – travel – fashion and so on) and inside these folders I store my images inside subfolders named accordingly to the blog post names.

Also, you may want to add the date or at least month and year of when you published this post.

How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without shooting any

Using this method and all these tips to always have blog ready images without shooting will save so much time and it will help you be organised as a blogger and/or photographer.

It is a smart trick to help you grow your blog and taking it to the next level – are you ready to do this big step?

I am so sure, you are saying YES Cate, YES!

The Blog Photography 4 days Guide to help you upgrade your blog value with a better photography

Let me know your thoughts on photography if it is a struggle to always have photographs ready for a blog post! Also, go and subscribe to my newsletter to have immediate access to the Resource Library for Bloggers & Photographer where you will find a 20+ pages guide on Blog Photography!!!

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How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without shooting any
How to Always Have Blog Ready Images without shooting any

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