4 accessories that tell your story

4 Accessories That Tell Your Story

Accessories, the clue is in the name. They exist to accessorise your outfit.

4 accessories that tell your story

Most of us, however, tend to use accessories as colourful accents or statement pieces that bring an outfit together. But, if we go back to the source, accessories can also become a playful addition to your experience of fashion. They augment garments to make it look meaningful to you.

Can there be anything more meaningful than telling your story through the use of accessories?

Here is how they define who you are on a day-to-day basis and express your intentions and emotions.

4 accessories that tell a story

4 Accessories that Tell a Story

1. Glasses

The idea that you need only one pair of glasses is preposterous. If you require eyewear to correct your vision, you are aware that glasses are an essential part of your everyday life.

Why shouldn’t they become part of your mood?

Frame shapes and colours express a variety of emotions. Whether you are going to a dinner date or turning up for a business meeting on Zoom, your glasses can play a huge role in setting the mood.

4 accessories that tell a story

Why not indulge and add a couple of beautiful designer frames from Eyeglasses.com to your basket? Versace eyewear starts from $150, for instance, and can be shipped around the world! As a rule of thumb, you need a minimum of two frames.

Most opticians recommend buying a second pair of glasses in case your first pair breaks. But it also makes a lot of sense from a fashion perspective! 

4 accessories that tell your story

Smart watches are flooding the market, so it can be hard to think of a watch as something that can be accessorised freely. However, your watch can highlight your mood on a specific day. Whether you are opting for a sporty look and feel or a thin luxury watch for a dinner party, there’s a lot you can express with your favourite time gadget.

2. Watch

Contrary to what it might seem, smart watches can also make a stylish addition to your outfit. Their multitasking design gives them a sharp business edge, and the wristband can be customised to different situations. 

3. Belt & Braces

It can be tricky to find a good belt that works for your body shape and your trousers. That’s why most people only have a couple of belts in the same shape but in different colours. In reality, you need to bring your belt or braces back at the centre of attention. Are you going for a romantic look? A large corset belt can do the trick, as shown on Etsy.com. A pair of vintage braces is ideal for a masculine look, and they can make you feel put together. 

4 accessories that tell your story
4 accessories that tell your story

4. Socks

4 accessories that tell your story

Socks have become a fashion statement. But they should also reflect your personality. A stripey pair can make you feel more in control, while an eccentric pattern enhances your creativity.

There is a right pair for every day and every situation. Allowing yourself to be more playful about your socks and tights can make your outfits come to live, giving them the opportunity to showcase how you feel. 

Fashion is the most commonly accepted form of self-expression. It deserves to be as diverse and multi-sided as you are. We all play many roles every day, and your accessories can help you explore your emotions and self-awareness more in-depth. 

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*This post is written in collaboration with Fatjoe

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