How to add film photographs to your blog

How to Add Film Photography Images to Your Blog

How To Add Film Photography Images to your Blog 35mminstyle

Film is not dead especially in the blogging world, here below my guide on how to add film photography images to your blog

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How to Add Film Photography Images to Your Blog

Film photography is back on trend and this trend has hit the blogosphere as the social media. I am sure you have seen Instagram pictures of bloggers inside a dark frame with written Kodak or 400 iso. After the big boom of the digital era of photography, nowadays analogue photography is having its renaissance.

How To Add Film Photography Images to your Blog 35mminstyle

The Renaissance of Film Photography

2018 is the year of its maximum appeal but film photography has always been at the basis of fashion photography. Its roughness and its mysterious developing are what made it back on trend. Now what I will be talking here it’s not proper analog photography with a film roll and your dad’s camera. For real film photography you can find my portfolio here or my fashion shoot in 35mm. Instead today I will tell you how to recreate that vintage look in a digital way and add film photography images to your blog.

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How to Create Film Photography Images with your Phone

Easier way comes first. Take your phones and download the perfect app to recreate film photography images. It’s called Unfold and this app helps you create the perfect Instagram stories, also in an analog way. There are some free presets but the analog one comes with a small price of more or less 2$. I think they are worth investing. You will get different frames – from the famous Polaroid to Portra portraits of medium format frame (see image below with the 3 examples) – all in one click. You upload your picture in the frame, you can add some text, change background colour, see the preview and then save it.

Other Useful Film Photography Apps are:

– Huji (a disposable camera on your phone – I have tested here in this outfit)
– RAD VHS (the perfect app to recreate 90s video looks)
– beloved VSCO (preset P5)

How To Add Film Photography Images to your Blog 35mminstyle

A More Professional Way to create Film Photography Images

Now the difficult way of creating analog alike photographs for your blog. This time I have to call Photoshop at my help. To recreate the images you find all over this post simply look for the best analog frame online. Once you have it, open Photoshop, delete the existing image keeping only the frame while creating a new layer. Save it as .psd so you can re use it any time you need. I did that which is exactly what the app Unfold allows you to do it on the phone, while I do it here on my computer.


Otherwise you can use Lightroom to open your images and add some grain to them. Maybe with less saturation and some work with colour tones, you can recreate a perfect Fujifilm film roll. Overall, I suggest you to try and experiment to see what is best for you.


Do you have any other way of creating that vintage old look in photographs? Have you used it on your instagram feed?

Let me know

xx Cate


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add film photographs to your blog
How to Create Film Photographs for your blog

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