My experience on how to move from blogger to wordpress 35mminstyle

My Experience on How to Easily Move from Blogger to WordPress

I have finally made up my mind and transitioned the blog from the Blogger platform to It was a hell of an experience, so let me guide you in my move from Blogger to WordPress.

As you might remember from one of my previous blog post, I was toying with the idea of changing platform (Blogger to WordPress) and on going self-hosted. Well, moving from Blogger to WordPress happened and here below I am going to tell you all process I followed and what have changed.

I am very proud to say I managed this transition by my own. I read tons of blog posts about them, and I did it. But let’s see how more properly.

hello 35mm in style, goodbye kateidoscope: moving from Blogger to


hello 35mminstyle, goodbye kateidoscope

What have changed?

Goodbye kateidoscope

As I previously said, kateidoscope – my older blog’s name – never felt right for me. I loved the idea of my name inside the word kaleidoscope but it has always been far away from completely belonging to me. Right after the move, I have felt very lighter. No regrets at all.

I loved my old graphic – I bought a theme from Pipdig no wonder – but Blogger as a platform was becoming too small for me. For example, not being able to put two images one next to another was killing my nerves. 😈 

As always, I did the logo myself – man, I love creating graphics with Photoshop – and the layout was so clean and effective. The bottom bar was instead quite crowded and messy.

hello 35mm in style, goodbye kateidoscope: my transition from Blogger to WordPress

Transitioning from Blogger to Self-Hosted

What I did: bullet points

I am not good with long description of what I did, so I will give you a quick informative list of the transition. Obviously it wasn’t all roses and it took me around 2-3 weeks and even right now I have a few things to finish. I guess that for a proper transition with no one’s help takes a month time (if you are not a tech-y expert of course). 😀 

Anyway here is the chronological list of what have happened:

  • Bought a new domain on the Black Friday’s week from Siteground (I highly recommend you to use this site – before I was on GoDaddy just so you know)
  • Moved my Blogger kateidoscope to the 35mminstyle following Erin Azmir’s guideline post and Kotryna Bass blog
  • Had a bit of trouble with redirecting every Blogger old posts to WordPress (not done perfectly I admit it)
  • Bought my new layout from Hello You Design, specifically the Hello Foxy one
  • Uploaded and edited with my pictures, check widgets and new tools
  • Got two very stressful days because nothing was going right codes-speaking
  • Found a balance between the blog idea in my mind and the real one
  • Almost finished my new blog layout and content (there are still a few pages I need to edit)
  • Very very happy girl in the end.

35mm in style blog layout and graphic

Hello 35mm in style

Above you can see a preview of my new blog right now. I absolutely am in love with the blog’s name as it contains my two biggest passions: film photography (35mm) and fashion (in style).

what’s new

  • fashion blog post with film photographs:

I will try to do as many as possible but with filming developing time it might take a little longer. Of course most of them will still be in digital but I want to add film photography in fashion shoots too.

Best fashion blog post so far: Punk Chic with Zara

  • a dedicated section to blogging tips and photography tips:

I have found these posts being my second favourite to write, so if I can help you by sharing what I have learned blog-wise and photography speaking here, bookmark my blog.

Best photography blog post so far: Why you don’t need a DSRL to take great pictures

  • more lifestyle, beauty, travel:

A bit of lifestyle and beauty post and a lot of travel posts. The majority then might also be in analog because you know how much I love it (polaroids fan be ready!)

Best travel blog post so far: What to see in Ferrara and its countryside, Italy

  • my photography portfolio will be visible here (soon):

This is about my photography job. With this theme there is the possibility to add a portfolio right in the middle of this blog and that is what I am currently working on.

Best photography blog post so far: Brighton in a Photograph

My new schedule

Since I have two jobs now and blogging is definitely my third and beloved one, I will blog my way, meaning I will try to express myself with less influence from the outside blogosphere, writing about what I love and what I know best (photography). Fashion posts will be dedicated to the fashion I am attracted to, meaning grunge, indie, alternative and sometimes classy. For sure, it will be evolving with me.

I will also try to be consistent with two weekly blog posts. As for Youtube, it will be on hiatus until I find more time.  Although I miss being in front of a camera, I honestly have zero time to do it properly. I might be able to film some videos but there is no going to be any time for editing the footage. So I sadly have to put it aside for a while and concentrate on the blog.

My new social media

Still the same, names changed. Check them out, and don’t forget to leave me yours so I can follow you. And tell me your thoughts about this big change of mine. xx Cate


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My experience on how to move from blogger to wordpress 35mminstyle

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