3 blogging tips I learned from inthefrow

3 Blogging Tips I learned from Inthefrow

3 blogging tips I learned from inthefrow

We all have inspirations and some bloggers inspire us more than others. Then, there is a new bunch of them who like to interact because they honestly love what they are doing. Yes, I am talking of someone in particular: the lovely Victoria from Inthefrow.

3 Blogging Tips I learned from Inthefrow

I have been following Victoria for a long time and I knew she would have become a splendid blogger. I have seen the development and changes of her blog – not from the start, I am honest – but for a good year for sure. The engagement and joy she puts is crystal clear to even the dumbest mind possible.

From her blog story at inthefrow, I have caught 3 tips that I find extremely important when we are talking blogging. Here they are:

  1. work hard
  2. improve the quality of your photographs
  3. be humble and answer your blogging pals

1. Work Hard

Work hard. It sounds so obvious. But it is what we all take for granted the most, including myself. Moreover for me it has always been a struggle deciding what to talk about on the blog. Everything was not enough and it was confusing. I know that the posts I love the most are fashion and travel related but I enjoy a lot talking about blogging tips and photography (well, this is not a discovery) and beauty. Ok, beauty is a discovery instead. Be prepared to see more posts about it.

I have also found really useful the tips from Jasmine about getting a blogging schedule – it has helped me a lot on writing content consistently.

I have seen how much energy Victoria puts in her blog – always updated – mostly she releases new posts 3 days a week in the morning. So basically work hard means:

  • create great content, if it is unique and special the more benefits you will get
  • stress everyone with social media, use instagram like crazy (replace instagram with your favorite one)
  • be constant with posting

#2. Improve Photography

Let’s talk about my favorite part: photography. If you check Victoria’s blog, her photography is great! We don’t always have friends or boy/girlfriends to force into photographing us, so learn to do do the best you can by yourself.

I have written an interesting post on how to take pictures by yourself (number 5).

What I want to point out is that posts will receive more visits if they look nice. C’mon, consumerism has put visuality as the most important thing in our society – we can no longer hide behind hypocrisy.

3 blogging tips I learned from inthefrow

So create great great pictures, increase brightness, create a marble tray easily with this DIY post, composition is important, stalk magazines, shops and there you are ready. I will be doing more and more blogging/photography posts from now on. Most of the recent posts from Victoria are taken from photographers but if you check her older posts she was just like us. Get inspiration from her shoots and improve your photography style.

Photoshop might come handy, you may want to check my Beginner Photoshop 101 Guide to explore the software a bit.

3. Be Humble and Answer Answer Answer

Now this is the most important tip I got from inthefrow. ENGAGE with your subscribers. This doesn’t mean say ‘thank you‘ to a comment. It means try to connect and having a conversion…I love disqus for this; you get notified when people answer you. Comment comment, always. No matter how many followers you have, how ‘big’ and ‘famous’ you are (which if you ask me, is silly, we are still people not objects), the thing I love the most about blogging is finding fellow bloggers and see how they genuinely like to read and comment your posts.

Being humble is at the origins of everything. I have met some famous “Youtubers” and they are incredibly down to earth (if you want to read of when I met Joe Sugg, Louise, Tanya Burr, Louis Cole, Ben Brown and Tyler Oakley – such a funny experience the Itatube) – I went as well to the Bloggers Market and Olivia, Carrie and all the group were incredibly reachable  and friendly. I didn’t like the event but this doesn’t change my opinion, this is how it should be.

But Victoria wins the category for the blogger who absolutely answers the most. I can’t count how many times she answered me on her blog, on Youtube or Twitter. Mention to Lily Melrose too, she tries to answer a lot on Youtube. Then on the other hand you have blogger that NEVER reply (big and not big). You can choose to do that, but I won’t appreciate you.

So learn from Victoria, work hard, be humble and always always interact. Damn it, I have never written so much..!

What tip would you suggest me?

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3 blogging tips I learned from inthefrow

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