Self-care and self-love for bloggers: my experience

Self-Care and Self-Love for Bloggers: My Experience

Self-care and self-love for bloggers: my experience

Lately, I have been diving into the importance of self-care and self-love, especially for bloggers. Here I give you my experience in dealing with slowing down and using this time to nurture the mind and soul. And how this can help you grow your business.

Hello, where have I been? During the whole lockdown I spent a lot of time on myself: studying, reading and using the time I had for my real passions: photography (even indoor), blogging and self-care.

Self-development and knowing myself is one of the biggest change I have been doing since my hospital stay last year. You can read more about it on Embrace your Weaknesses: an Ode to female strength.

I decided to follow my natural prepositions: nature and astrology oriented into a business.

It may sound quite random but it is not.

Let me show you why.

Self-care and self-love for bloggers: my experience

Self-care and self-love for Bloggers

The importance of taking care of ourselves physically, energetically and spiritually is so important in order to be ready to really live our dreams.

Dreams of having the ideal lifestyle, job and life. It is not impossible but instead very real. You know I get burnout quite often because I always ask myself too much.

This is unfair and not healthy for anyone. Instead focusing on knowing ourselves better and doing what makes us feel happy, fulfilled and excited is what we should look for.

In these months I have developed 3 ways to do so. 3 amazing ways to work on myself in order to be more productive, happy and live life lightly. You can call it magic because you definitely have to take a leap of faith but it is so worth it.

These are the 3 ways to improve self-care and self-love for bloggers:

  • Back to Nature: rewilding to rediscover myself
  • Astrology and Moon Guides to follow my emotions
  • Abundance Mindset to grow my Business

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Self-care and self-love for bloggers: my experience
Self-care and self-love for bloggers: my experience

Back to Nature: rewilding to rediscover myself

You may know that I am a country girl even though I lived in the city for many years, I have a deep deep connection with the wilderness. With the endless fields of wheat, corn or apple trees. I was born and raised in the Italian countryside and I need to recharge my energies there.

But this is not random.

My Moon is in Capricorn meaning a have a strong Earth sign influence which is practical and need nature to feel secure, to start again and to feel free.

But this is not just for me.

Whatever sign is your moon in, nature is the basics. It is something always here for us to make us feel good. A day spent in the woods, hiking in the mountains, a long swim in the sea, a little walk barefoot on your backyard. All of these activities help you recharge.

And if you are a blogger, almost 24/7 in front of a laptop, nature is what you are craving. Just let it go. Go outside. Let your wild self rise up again like when you were a kid.

Rewilding is a movement of going back to nature and it is the best thing I have learned since my stay in the hospital. Maybe we take nature for granted but it is not, we must remember to celebrate it and enjoy our time in it.

Self-care and self-love for bloggers: my experience

Astrology and Moon Guides to follow my emotions

Mystic Astrology or Astrology 2.0 is something else that has helped me so much in understanding my needs, my streghts and my flaws. It’s incredible how much a Birth Chart can tell you.

I started with the basics:

  • zodiac sign
  • ascendant
  • moon sign

But after this I was just too curious so I now know in which sign where every planets of when I was born. And I am still learning new things about me. Believe me it is so funny.

I know why I like nice things and food, why I love to travel and so much more. First is because Venus is in Taurus (its sign): Venus rules love, affections, beauty; the second is Sagittarius in the Dark Moon, Sagittarius is the explorer of far away lands.

Anyway knowing all this stuff makes me more savvy of how I am business-like and I can use this as my advantage.

Self-care and self-love for bloggers: my experience

Self Development towards a Sustainable Business Mindset of Abundance

Firstly I know my strengths and flaws due to my Birth Chart and second comes more work and this work is on the mindset.

Having an Abundance mindset instead of a negative one is fundamental o start your business right. And my business I also mean blog. It always starts as a passion but to grow that passion you need a vision.

To have a positive vision you have to work on yourself and look into your limiting beliefs. Some you may recognise, but others are in the subconscious mind. They are the most difficult to reveal but you can do some work.

My Limiting Beliefs on Money and Love

 These are two of my most rooted limiting beliefs: believing I am not worthy of love or of money. Also that it is hard work to gain money. My mind is always on ‘I can’t afford this’.

But doing some work, I started recognising a pattern, asking myself when did this come from and exercising in being more realistic and not influenced by feelings.

Self-care and self-love for bloggers: my experience

For instance with love, I have been rejected so many times, and this always increase my belief of not being pretty enough and subsequently of low worthiness. This negative part always was always considered more important and valuable then all the experiences of mutual love. The happy part was never enough. Because in my mind I had decided so, long time ago when this belief started to grow.

Writing and remembering helps me be a witness of my life so that I can be partial and start to change these limiting beliefs.

Because we have the power within us to make them change. Same goes for money or blogging. It’s a looooot of work on ourselves but it is so worth it.

There are plenty of amazing Instagram accounts you can follow or amazing spiritual guides to listen to.

Personally I like to read books and listen to podcast: rewilding for women / lunar lover podcast / iamgoddesscollective /dani watson.

These are just some of my favourite? What are yours?

Are you on a journey to self discovery?

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Self-care and self-love for bloggers: my experience
Self-care and self-love for bloggers: my experience

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