Embrace your weaknesses, an ode to female strengths 35mminstyle

Embrace Your Weaknesses: an ode to female strengths

Embrace your weaknesses, an ode to female strengths 35mminstyle

This post is a very personal one and I take you to that place to embrace your weaknesses, it is an ode to female strengths for any time you need it. And for me as well.


Embrace Your Weaknesses

An Ode to Female Strengths

Ferrara, Italy
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I am no feminist, let me be clear. But I always feel like us women have to struggle in this media world. I love to play blogging, taking photographs makes me curious, painting keeps my mind relaxed, singing let my inner thoughts out, I explode, dancing drives me lost out of my comfort zone, exploring keeps me breathing…with all these activities I feel free.

I need to show it, do it, bring it out otherwise my deepest personality would crash me.

 I am sure I am not the only one with a dark inner side. During the last years I have learned to embrace my weaknesses and let it go. I am still learning actually. I fail most of the time but I don’t feel like it’s time to give up. I need to write this for myself and for you out there.

Embrace your weaknesses, an ode to female strengths 35mminstyle

This week

I have been very sick this last week, I stayed at the hospital for a few operations (not all went well) and I felt completely powerless. Powerless regarding myself. I had no control over my body, no power on myself and this brought me down a lot. My mind was elsewhere. I cried a lot and I am also crying now. You have no idea how much I needed to breathe clean air and to touch the ground. I needed green, my roughness, my skies, my trees, I needed my deepest connection with nature back.

And believe me, I was loved. A lot. I was never alone during my time there but my soul was alone.


Now I am back home. I couldn’t be grateful to have dirt on my hands again. I want to say that is always late worrying about others, media and society. I don’t need their judgement and neither should all of you. I am telling you this to let you embrace it all: your weaknesses are part of you and they show the best parts, they are there to make a balance, and you are so strong to beat them all.

Your body is there, take care of it, heal it, don’t stress it, beauty is in the eye of the stranger, beauty grows side by side with you, don’t force it but feed it.

There has never been right or wrong, peace is a terrible world, wild freedom needs to be created accordingly to one self. We are all different, we must seek our inner self and walk hand in hand with it. The darkest side of ourselves needs to coexist with the brightest one.

All I am saying is to embrace that deepest weaknesses and let you grow. Heal your soul with patience, time and dreams. This is an ode to female strengths because I have always felt myself as weak. Am I really? I can’t answer this question, all I know is our hopes are beyond any capabilities, we may fail and felt trapped but we are never lost. If we are lost, we want to be so. And yes, we need it.. but this leads to another big idea of mine of letting it go of your wild side. Next time. Next time. For now, all hail girl power!

Embrace your weaknesses, an ode to female strengths 35mminstyle

I really hope this post might be a good motivation for a moment in your life – let me know if you have ever experience something similar.

xx Cate

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