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My Blogging Routine

This week I want to talk about something that has helped me improve my blogging style and it is my blogging routine.

My Blogging Routine

But before starting, let me remind you the others blog post connected to Blogging and especially to Blog Photography, here they are:

During my blog makeover, I decided to stick to a blogging routine to see if this would help me or not with the blog. I am naturally a to-do-lists kind of person so it would have been quite normal to step to having a defined schedule even on my blog. And for me, I must say it was worth it. Planning ahead what type of posts I would include in the blog was what I needed. I now have two Blog Planners, one (aka a Tiger pink notebook) where I write down my blog ideas and a real Blog Planner (the one you see in the pictures) for my monthly schedule.


Since I start having a blogger routine, I have changed it so many times before finding the perfect one for me. If you have been following me for a while, you might have noticed a prevalence of fashion posts as usual, few travel ones, bits and bobs about beauty and many posts about blogging tips and photography.

I can officially say that I have found my perfect routine now! What a journey it was!

  • MONDAY/TUESDAY — it’s all about fashion
  • THURSDAY/FRIDAY — travel and/or 35mm photography
  • SATURDAY — blogging tips

I now know that this is what works best for me and the typology of blog posts I love writing.


My blogging routine comprehends something else I adore, which is going around the blogosphere looking for new bloggers to follow. Usually I dig into comments of big bloggers and I check people’s blogs commenting and following them. Mainly on Bloglovin which I find so easy to keep track of my lovely fellow bloggers.

I have recently discovered the fact that you can create Groups of the blogs you follow on Bloglovin at your own pleasure! Epiphany!! Goodness yes! I have done three groups called in a really fancy way (BIGG + FAV BEAUTY BLOG + WANDERLUST) and it helps me so much. I rarely miss some posts like before. Simply go to your profile icon on the top right of Bloglovin and click on ‘Edit blogs you follow’. It will open a new page with the list of all the blogs/bloggers you follow and for each one of them you can decide in which group you want them to be. It is personal and only you can see it.

Obviosuly I know that a Blogging Schedule doesn’t fit on every type of blogger but it may help you. Of course you are in charge of everything, so you can change posts, take a break but it clears your mind, at least it clears my messy head.
As for Bloglovin, I adore it because it is the easiest place to keep track of any fav blogs of yours. I have also downloaded the app on my phone but I don’t use it very much, probably because I love seeing pictures and reading posts in a bigger screen – glasses users may understand me here! Hope this post could be helpful and give some ideas.

What’s your blogging routine?

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