10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life

10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life - 35mminstyle

If you are trying to balance your full-time job with your side passion for blogging, you would be in need of 10 ways to stay positive in blogging and life.

And I say this because today has been another hectic day where I went through all these stages:

  • want to cry
  • or to kick someone
  • want to run away
  • constant headache
  • burning eyes
  • sense of guilt.

Sounds familiar?

I really hope not but if instead, it is your case, you are not alone but you should be in the position to feel this. Working 8+ hours a day in such a state of mind is unfair.

I do believe we need to find a balance between work and life. Why? Because otherwise we explode, or at least I explode. Which is exactly what happened today at work. I felt like crying but I couldn’t understand the reason why.

Now I know it.

sunset at a funfair with a girl in a black dress in front of the scene
sunset at a funfair with a girl in a black dress in front of the scene

My Experience

You have to know that I work full-time in e-commerce where they ask so much out of you and at the same time they value yourself so little. I previously talked about this and I motivated myself in this post to stop undervaluing yourself. This negative atmosphere is terrible and unhealthy and even though I have plans to move forward very soon, it still sucks.

And I end up in a terrible mood. Like, for instance, today I was treated like a stupid little girl who can’t understand simply because I said that ‘your method (directed to my colleague) is not universally correct as you say and since I have to shoot all day, I prefer to slightly change it‘.

Moreover, I doubted a few things about this ‘method’ but I never received explanations. So first of all, I want to be treated like everybody else, with respect, second of all, I want to be listened to because what I have to say it is smart. Was I treated in this way because I am a girl or because I am young? I don’t know. Then of course when they need help, who does the hard work?

You have guessed it correctly. Me.


10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life

I talked before about my feelings of working full-time in such an environment whereas all I want is to blog full-time. I am slowly getting there so stay tuned because this post may be quite interesting.

I am going to talk about how I am able to balance work, blogging and life in order to stay positive and motivated. Sometimes I get on fire (I am still an Aries – remember?) but most of the time, I have got everything under control.

These 10 ways to stay positive in life while balancing blogging are my real-life tactics to see the bright side. Remember to take some time out of our busy life schedule to chill out, breathe, relax and just be happy.

Especially when you are treated badly at work or in your group of friends (it may happen even though it shouldn’t) or in a relationship. Try to find those simplest things that always bring you joy and happiness. These are mine. So grab your cup of tea or coffee and let’s dig in!

The List of 10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life

sun png image

1. Look at old Photographs

You know I am a photographer for a reason, so this had to be my very first suggestion. You must have photo-albums or just some drives full of photos (even your phone back-up!). I have an album with all my favourite film photographs with some of the best moments of these last 4-5 years.

Anyway, whether they are child photographs forgotten in enormous albums or your last weekend selfies, they will due. As well as holidays photos, school photos or pics of old funny times with your bffs. All of them will make you feel better straight away.

Oh and let’s not forget videos: the one you don’t remember filming, they will make you laugh. Sometimes a good trip back to memory lane could save up the day.

10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life

2. Read Old Messages or an Old Journal

Expressive writing – I just learned – is a thing to channel out all our inner thoughts: it is like a stream of consciousness written down just for us. I used to have a journal to write about stuff that couldn’t understand (starting from “why is this guy not liking me back?” – but who didn’t?) and to fix down those moments I didn’t want to forget.

But there is more. This second point is suggested by my friend who uses to write down the nicest texts she received and to read them when she’s down. Why not give it a try? If you’re more of a writer like me, read old diaries. You will discover funny forgotten moments or shameless memories that now will only make you smile.

10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life
10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life

3. Make a list of the best moments of your life (a reverse bucket-list)

This could be defined as the reverse bucket list. Instead of writing down what you want to do, write down the best moments you already have experienced. They’ll be a reminder of the great things you have achieved.

Such as that internship you conquered with your own strength, the meet-up with the Youtuber you value so much and the chat that happened between you two, just like you old friends.

The hard decision to move abroad, the choice of letting the guy you liked go for your best friend, a night of driving, the sunrise and the breakfast. A particular dance with a particular guy at a party. The magic connection between you and the guy of your dream. So many good things happened to all of us, we simply forgot they happened.

4. Pamper Night

A night dedicated to yourself. It could mean bubble bath, a sleepover with friends, watching movies all night long, reading books or magazines. Totally up to you. Easy but super effective.

I like to relax with a nice Sophie Kinsella book, watching Love Rosie or The Holiday for the 45th time, doing some face masks, lightning candles and wear the comfiest PJ ever.

Also, I could open my laptop and find comfort in reading my favourite bloggers while getting a lot of inspiration from their beautiful photography. I will name a few:

  • Paula from Thirteen Thoughts (her black & white photography style is gorgeous + she always has great tips)
  • Carrie from WishWishWish (another great inspiration of mine as a travel photographer – I learned so much from her style)
  • Julia from JuliaspeaksBeauty (the honest writing style of her blog is a place where I love to come back to – her posts are always a delight to read)
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5. Plan A Trip

How to plan a day trip. I find looking for a new place to visit pretty relaxing. Travelling with your head is a pretty powerful tool too. I know we all have an endless list of places to visit, most of them are across the world, but why not trying to look at cheap flights for a weekend? Or even a day trip?

I went and flew back from London on the same day. Crazy. Yet one of the most incredible days of my life. Now that I no longer feel like solo travelling, I adore meeting up with friends and plan a weekend escape somewhere in Italy or Europe.

10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life
10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life

6. Rewatch your favourite Tv Series

Rewatching your favourite episode of a tv series or your favourite YouTuber videos are classic options. For Tv series I have a few at the moment: an old episode of Pretty Little Liars, the huntsman episode in Once Upon A Time, Lost pilot, the whole seasons of Game of Thrones or A scandal in Belgravia from Sherlock.

Also Friends (scaring Joe always makes me laugh so much), Gossip Girl (first season to inhale NYC vibes), Gilmore Girls for some witty quotes, Downton Abbey or Skins (Effy & Cook) for some British moments.

On Youtube, simply give me an old vlog of Joe Sugg and I’m good. Also Inthefrow, hello october, sunbeamsjess, Ben Brown vlogs. Did I say I adore vlogs?

10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life

7. Do something crazy and unexpected

Now I am the queen of doing crazy things. I will list you some examples I did: stay outside in the pouring rain with a friend under a child castle in a park, walk barefoot or lay down in the middle of the street at night when no one is around.

Go to a music festival in the mountains, climb a tree or a building or simply get lost for the sake of getting lost and find yourself.

10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life

8. Sing aloud in the car

I love singing either Frozen or Beyoncè while driving with no destination. It calms my nerves and makes me feel good with myself. And I’m not a good singer! I adore singing musical, Lana del Rey and so many more artists.

Or the other option is listening to Psytrance or delicate Techno music really really loud. It sounds weird, but this type of music really calms me down.

9. Go outside

There is a song from Tom Rosenthal who perfectly expresses my feeling here: You Might Find Yours. It’s a spoken song half a poem, beautiful. It says just go outside because we are built to live in nature.

So either take a walk in the park, in the countryside, in your happy place and just breath. I would also say run if you like it, I’d bike. Take your puppy for a walk or take your iPod for a walk.

My favourite thing is that you can bump into someone you haven’t seen in ages and have just a little chat that will put back a smile on your face.



10. Say One Compliment

This would make you feel so good. Try to be a nice person and say something nice to a friend or a random person. The usual happy reaction of the people would make you smile. It is a really simple but effective gesture. Compliment their look, their new hairstyle, glasses or anything you want.

So these are 10 of the things that make me stay positive in life and blogging. You can have so many more, so please let me know and suggest to me your favourite one.

These tips are for those moments in life when it feels like nothing is going in the right direction. I wrote this little list to help you remember that the glass is always half full (selfishly speaking this post is for me as well). 

Let me know if you have any other effective ways to feel better and stay positive<3

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10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life

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10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life
10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life
10 Ways To Stay Positive in Blogging And Life

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