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A Photo Guide of Versailles, France

WANDERER 009 |  Versailles, France


Back to August when I was in France, I had to decide whether to go between Versailles and Disneyland. The final choice was Versailles because our hotel was on the left side of the city so closer to the place. In fact, it only took us 30 minutes to get there by train. I don’t remember the price but definitely under 10 euros both ways.
The palace of Versailles is this huge Louis XIV mansion made of gold and marbles just outside the city of Paris. Overly famous for tons of Dior’s advs and for Lana del Rey’s Born to Die video. Also it was the set of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette movie. Macarons anyone?
Anyway the place is huge and I highly suggest not to go on weekends. I went there on a Tuesday / Thursday (I don’t remember) and it was full of people. Other random tips:

  • walk through the gardens first and then visit the main palace before it closes to avoid a huge cue
  • definitely see Maria Antoinette’s mansion
  • as for the little village
  • rent a bike or take one with you

Now some pictures… (:

the hall of kings, Charle Magne on the right

the entrance of Versailles

we are golden

the gardens
pretty symmetrical
love this architecture
Marie Antoinette’s palace

petite trianon I guess

another one and this was PINK!

the gardens behind Marie Antoinette’s residence

statue at the entrance of Versailles

I have liked Versailles but having seen the Reggia of Caserta, Italy when I was a kid, made me see Versailles differently. I cannot compare the two. The only thing I can say is that the gardens in Caserta were magnificent, the water floating in every pool was great, better than Versailles where the water gates happens only on Sundays. I highly suggest to go and see a less famous but still beautiful palace. What makes me angry is that we Italians don’t take care of our cultural heritage as much as we should.
  xo xo from Brighton  – Cate

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