mindful tips to help you blogging while working full-time

Mindful Tips on Blogging while Working Full-Time

tips on blogging while working full-timeI have been doing two jobs at the time for these past few months, I somehow survived and I am now ready to share with you my Top Tips on Blogging while Working Full-Time.


Tips To Help You Blogging while Working Full-Time

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You might wonder why I have been gone for months, writing a blog post every now and then, not commenting on other blogs and simply being not so present. Well, the answer is I got myself a full-time job and it is exhausting. Bear in mind I also have a second job in a local photography shop, which means the blog has come third in line.

Now you have no idea how bad I feel about it. I miss having my personal space where I can share my passions and my new discoveries. In addition, I have lots of film rolls developed ready to be shown but since I want to try have a social life, maintaining a blog has been so difficult. 😥

And let’s pretend I don’t consider my failing on Youtube. Vlogging and filming is another big passion of mine but I need to be realistic and editing takes A LOT of time.

Having said that, I won’t stop. I need to write this down because I put so much effort in 35mminstyle and I want to continue this journey. Hence, this post with my Tips on Blogging while Working Full-Time.

Stick to a Schedule

If you already have a blog schedule, try stick to that, if you don’t use one, consider doing so. I find having a plan a way to be more efficient and consistent. What is happening right now is that I don’t have the time to stick to it and you may have noticed the results. I post every now and then and I don’t like it.

I am usually quite organised and being the same even in the blogging world helps me define this passion as a proper job, which by the way, it is! Here in Italy, people keep laughing when they heard you have a blog. People should be ready to understand that blogging takes a lot of time and skills. By scheduling a weekly or monthly plan, it helps other people visualising your blog as work too.

Tips on Blogging While Working Full-Time

Be Comprehensive with Yourself

This point comes straight from the previous one. Sticking to a blog schedule when you work 9-6 might be the hardest part meaning be indulgent with yourself, which I am not most of the time. Whether you can’t follow your own guideline because things happen, don’t be too hard on yourself but try to find an alternative.

When you skip a blog day, think about postponing the next one or replacing it. Find a proper solution and be honest with yourself and your fellow subscribers by tweeting what happen for example. Try not to be overwhelmed by stress and work flow, find a balance that will allow you to enjoy blogging while working full-time.

Ask for Help

I find asking for help especially good in the photography part. I have talked here on how to take pictures by yourself, but sometimes it may get a little too much so ask a friend to help you out and this will save your day. Plus you have time to hang out together: a double win-win. 🙂 Usually with every camera nowadays it is very easy having your pictures taken, go automatic or go manual my dear!

If you are tired of your usual locations, then ask a friend which are his/her favourite spots in town and you’ll surely find a new perspective. My third option for some new inspirations is still illegal so I will shut up even though art needs it.

Kick some Asses

People would ask ‘how do you do it?’ implying their shock in noticing your struggles. They can simply go to hell. If you are in my position you won’t need to hear what you know best. It’s exhausting and stressful as it is, so people (I include friends and family here) do not tell me what I can’t do. Simply because then I will prove you wrong. Is it really hard to believe I can manage it all?

My advise is simply keep going if deep inside you know it is right for you, if it makes you feel good with yourself. Blogging makes me feel I am achieving something with my capabilities and at the same time I have the chance to express myself in a creative way, which is vital for someone like me. So, yes let’s kick some asses! #girlboss 😀 

Check this blog post which may be really helpful too: You’re Doing it Wrong! How to Blog in 2018.

Having said that, how are you doing?

Are you woking or studying while keeping your blogs or are you blogging full-time (which is my ultimate dream)?

Let me know in the comments <3

xx Cate

mindful tips to help you blogging while working full-time

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