By being a huge huge fan of Ginsberg’s poems (blinking at Whitman as well) I have also always had a sort of fascination for supermarkets. Since I was a kid, supermarket was one of my safest place, long before discovering the sociological theory of non-places (such as airports, train stations, supermarkets, subway stations – all these temporary sites where you spend a limited amount of time).

Being surrounded by strangers who don’t give a damn about you is nowadays the ordinary and it is a contradiction. You lost in there and at the same time  you are pretty safe. Take supermarkets. All those colours and impulses might drive you crazy. Or simply you can be carried gently in those commercial waters. Awareness is key.

In these photographs I loved playing with colors (see the Lomography purple film roll) and places (the juxtaposition of markets/town stores to the beauty of nature) while snapping someone being its happy self.


Film Roll:

lomography 400iso


lomography purple


Yascica FRI


Pentax ME


Ferrara, Italy

The Moon 35mm 35mminstyle Supermarkets 35mm 35mminstyle Coop Il Doro Ferrara 35mm 35mminstyle Lidl Ferrara 35mm 35mminstyle Mc Donalds Ferrara 35mm 35mminstyle Hera Ferrara 35mm 35mminstyle


35mminstyle Cate signature