Street Gang

I have got a new film roll and it’s street gang. I work in street style fashion wear everyday so this is a collection of spare moments with my work gang.

35mm photography

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As first thing I have to say I don’t recall the name of the camera I was using neither what film roll I had in there. The reason is that we – me and my bestie – shared a film roll & camera to test precisely last January. Then we had a big fight which in some way goes on still now, so everything else is a little out of my way. Seriously, I wrote 35mm but I am not even sure of this!

Anyhow I clearly remember I was shooting these images at work on our lunchtime. I work in a menswear e-commerce with the main focus of street wear so I couldn’t resist snapping my friends. There is a little bit of Stussy, 032c and more.

don’t dream it’s over…

I especially love the winter lunch light, sun is up in the sky but it is soft and sparkly. Then, the reflection on the turquoise window balances all the warm tones.

Date:Film Roll:Camera: Location:
January 2019Italy
stussy street gang 35mm photography
street gang 35mm photography
street style 032c sweatshirt slamjam
slam jam socialism 35mm photography

see you next time lovelies <3 😎

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35mm photography street gang 35mminstyle