Brighton, UK

Brighton and Hove in 35mm

I have lived one year in Brighton between 2015 and 2016. Half my heart is still there. My endless love for English skies cannot stop. Here a selection of my favourite pictures of the place. Being taken in such a long time, I cannot remember every film roll I used but I will try my best to give you almost all names. I of course tried to take manual double exposure but worry not, I will talk you through every photo.

Film Roll:

Fujifilm 400iso, Kodak 200, lomography 400


Yashica FRI


Brighton, UK – 2015/16





#1. Pepples on the beach and the old Pier in the distance.

#2. Brighton is such a tourist place – but we adore it for the seaside vibes.

#3. My friend Ines watching the sea while taking pictures of the Brighton Pier.

#4. The Bandstand before getting into Hove.


#5. The best place ever for cupcakes. Ain’t kidding. Cloud 9 in the North Lanes is just insane. Rainbow cake at its finest. #6. This was the view of my backyard. The wood with so many toys, shoes and once a fox.

#7. Beach houses in Hove.

#8. Two of my best friends came to visit me in March and it was still freezing. A lot.

#9. The Carousel and the seafront.

#10. Picture from a project on datas and the cloud – so here is the famous hanging shoes tree of The Level and above a picture of Cass Art shop.

#11. Spring was finally here.

#12. #13. #14. Funfair in May.

#15. Same project on data and the cloud.

#16. Ines looking at her phone. Twice.