the importance of feeling magical 35mminstyle
the importance of feeling magical 35mminstyle

The importance of feeling magical is dedicated to female strength. I can’t help it but I feel like I need to write about how I feel when I am beyond or behind the camera.


The Importance of Feeling Magical

Location:  Cassana, FE
Photography: eli+bonzEdits: 35mminstyleCamera: Canon 5D Mark II

I have never asked myself why I loved having pictures of me taken. It happens that I am quite a shy person but I love seeing myself in photos, having a record of what I am doing, of that moment and to have the control of set-up and colors. Because yes, post-editing is such a delight for me.

Everything let me to think how important it is to feel magical and this happens every time I do a fashion shoot. It’s not just wearing a dress, it’s the atmosphere, the moment and how I am in a very specific time. And I don’t see it shallow at all, but somehow more as a way of processing my insecurities. Being in front of a camera for someone who prefers hiding, well, it’s proving to anybody (more to myself) how we flow within nature and society.

the importance of feeling magical 35mminstyle
the importance of feeling magical 35mminstyle

what I am wearing: Stradivarius Gypsy Dress / ASOS Boots / Zara Coat / H&M Hat

I have talked with you a little of mental health on ‘Embracing Weaknesses‘ but not completely. I am not ready yet. All I understand is that the magic that a picture takes out is something I need. Someday more than others. On another perspective is letting a part of me free. Even if the master is just my head.

Having said that I want to suggest you a wholesale women clothing site with a lot of boho dresses that will come handy in a few months. Actually my mind is already in springtime mood so everything I am planning for the future has a festival-boho vibe.

Such as the dress I am showing you in these pictures, I want something in between gypsy and grunge. I am thinking whites, creams, crochet and flowers in the hair. Of course a wholesale women clothing would facilitate me in my research.

And you? Do you have something planned?

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