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On my Wander/list: Reasons to Take a Train to Russia

Train to Russia 35mminstyleAgain the series On my Wander/list: Reasons to take a train to Russia here on 35mminstyle. This is basically my go to list of places to visit sooner or later. Of course Russia is on top. I wish to visit Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg, the language and history have always fascinated me. So I grab the chance to include this post with some useful information for a future trip.


From Moscow With Love: Reasons to Take a Train to Russia


Moscow, Russia





train to russia

Reasons to Take a Train to Russia

Experienced train trippers will appreciate the importance of learning more about the places they are going to visit whilst travelling on one of the exciting Trans-Siberian train tours.

Book Worms

Of course, book worms who love learning about the three different countries included in one of these treats for travellers will be in their element whilst finding out more about Russia, Mongolia and China. There are fortunately a number of informative websites that can be visited by people planning to go on one of these once in a lifetime train trips. You will come across sites featuring news articles mainly related to the political relationships between these nations, which are still quite useful if we just want to learn about the relationship between these nations. By taking a look for articles providing insight into myths and facts about Russia, globetrotters taking a Trans-Siberian train to Moscow should be able to feel more assured about some things.

Indeed, there are quite a few myths that could do with being busted related to this former Soviet Union nation including these:

  • Russian society is conservative and orthodox
  • Travelling to Russia requires stacks of paperwork
  • All Russians drink too much

Once we have managed to realise that many of the negative myths about life in modern day Russia are absolute rubbish, we should be able to feel much better about heading there as part of our Trans-Siberian train trip.

train to russiatrain to russia


 above: Friendship of Nations Fountain



on the left: Saint Basil’s Cathedral 



below: Monument to Yuri Gagarintrain to russia train to russia

Myth Busters  

Most people who travel a lot tend to be very open-minded – not being swayed by negative propaganda about countries they would like to visit. Apart from some of the ridiculous myths about Russia detailed above, there are heaps more that we can hear people talk about in a variety of places including bars, restaurants and at work. By working out which of these stories about Russia are not worth listening to, we should be able to focus on our plan to enjoy one of the Trans-Siberian express tours to choose from on the internet. If we would really like to make it to Moscow by travelling on a luxurious train passing Mongolia along the way, it is worthwhile reading articles on the sites of firms providing these kinds of tours. However, before we embark on such a fantastic journey, chatting to friends about any concerns we may have about Russia would be very smart indeed. Of course, pals who have spent a lot of time in Russia would be the better options in people to talk to about what it is like in this part of the former Soviet Union.

train to russia

Straight Facts

Intrepid travellers who have been pleasantly surprised in a lot of different countries over the years are likely to have some good things to say about many regions of the world others seem to be wary of. One thing that has to be said about Russia is that many of the people in places like Moscow are very friendly towards tourists from foreign lands – that is including western nations. There are many facts we could learn about Russia’s capital including that it is named after the river that flows through it – the Moskva. This fascinating city has not always been the capital either. Developing from a medieval city, it was eventually restored as the country’s capital due to efforts in the Bolshevik Revolution. Make sure you keep a camera with you. Check here for the best-quality cameras that can be used as dash cams too.

As we are now living in the age of technology, bringing many countries of the world much closer together, there is no wonder that many foreign travellers touring Russia feel right at home. 

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train to russia

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