6 reasons to visit bali, indonesia

6 Reasons to Make Bali your Next Holiday Destination

6 reasons to visit bali, indonesia

Bali has been and still is on my wander-list of places to visit. It fully covers that wanderlust vibes of endless tropical beaches and rough nature.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a sun soaked tropical paradise that has long been a firm favourite for tourists, and is Indonesia’s premier tourist attraction that is located East of Java and West of Lombok.

If you have yet to visit Bali, here are just a few of the reasons why this tropical paradise should be your next holiday destination.

This tropical island is noted for its varied arts and culture, which include traditional dance, sculpture, painting, leather and metal work and local music. Nestled in the Coral Triangle, Bali is home to the highest diversity of marine life, with over 500 coral species, and to give you some idea of how unique that is, the entire Caribbean has around 80 coral species.

6 Reasons Why Bali is the Tropical Paradise to Visit

1.The Best Secluded Beaches in the World

If your idea of heaven is taking long walks along pristine beaches with white sand and crystal-clear water, then Bali is most definitely for you. What’s more, there are private and luxury Bali villas only a stone’s throw from spectacular beaches, and they can easily be booked from an online accommodation agency.

You can start your day with an early morning walk along a deserted beach. Then at the end of the day, catch the mesmerising Bali sunsets before setting out to experience the nightlife that Bali is famed for.

2.Experience a Truly Unique Culture

Bali has its own unique culture, which is an attraction in itself, with colourful native costumes and amazing dance displays that are performed by the locals. Ubud is the place to witness the amazing dances and rituals, where local artists perform on a daily basis, and there are many festivals held throughout the year.

a sunset in bali indonesia

3.Ancient Temples

With more than 20,000 ancient pura (temples) on the unique island, you can spend your mornings going around on rented motorcycles and exploring some of these stunning ancient religious structures. If you are a lover of fine architecture, Bali will captivate you, and there’s so much to see, you will never get bored of exploring ancient temples.

Some of the more notable venues include the Besakih Temple, Goa Gajah and the unique Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, which can all be seen in a single long trip, while others will require some careful planning, as they are quite concealed and difficult to find.

4.Unrivalled Cuisine

As you would expect, local seafood dishes cannot be beaten, and Balinese cuisine has a well-deserved reputation. With spicy and non-spicy dishes in abundance, there is something for every taste. Local fruits and vegetables are prepared in a unique way. With coconut milk curries to die for, you will never forget Balinese food.

5.Incredible Nightlife

Bali is the party animal’s paradise, with top-notch nightclubs that are open all night. Kuta is the party hub of the island whereas Seminyak offers a little more sophistication, with trendy clubs that host world class cabaret acts. With so much going on, your biggest problem will be finding the time to sleep.

6.World Class Spas

If you want some physical pampering, Bali hosts some of the best natural spas in the world. There’s no better way to relax after a night of dancing and partying than a spa session.

Tropical oils and essences are used in traditional massage, along with healing muds and herbs that are guaranteed to leave you revived, refreshed and ready for another long day of holidaying. The Balinese are experts at massage and they know how to pamper your body with many natural oils and potions. Once you have experienced a Balinese spa, you’ll be back for more.

All of the above make for a unique holiday experience, and with affordable online bungalow and resort accommodation, you can take the first steps to what will definitely a holiday to be remembered forever.

Bali is truly the tropical paradise that has it all, and once you have experienced a few weeks on this paradise island, you won’t have to look for another holiday destination, at least not for a few years.

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