5 popular hairstyle trends for 2021
5 popular hairstyle trends for 2021

If you are looking to create a brand-new you, starting with your hair is as good a place as any, and there are, of course, many hairstyles that you can choose if you want a change of image.

In order to make things easy, here are a few popular hairstyle trends you might like to consider when creating a new look.

5 Popular Hairstyle Trends To Follow In 2021

  1. Jaw Length Sleek Bob – This is a cut for the career woman who is self-confident and outgoing, with stars like Hayley Bieber and Margot Robbie sporting this stylish bob look. If you think you are suitable for a jaw length sleek bob, talk to your stylist and if she agrees, then why not?
  1. Messy Shag With Bangs – This might look all over the place but this mid-length cut is definitely the most popular at the moment. If you have short hair and you are looking for hair extensions that are of good quality, Cliphair UK’s selection is worth checking out to get pieces that will help you get the messy shag with bangs hairstyle.

If you don’t have bangs, you can order clip-ins from the same leading UK hair extensions supplier. These come in every colour to suit your style. While the messy shag style might look like it’s thrown together, it is actually quite an art to pull it off and if your stylist is fine with the volume of hair you have, then so be it!

5 popular hairstyle trends for 2021
  1. Low Bun & Pony Tail – This style can be with or without the pony, depending on how long your hair actually is, and this style suits all personalities, making it a favourite for the off-duty model and movie star. If you don’t have hair that is long enough for this style, you can order some clip-in hair extensions from the online supplier, who have all shades and lengths to suit every personality.
  1. Contemporary Pixie Cut – They don’t come much shorter than this, with a look that requires next to no attention, which is ideal for the career woman with little time for anything else. If you are a freelance business woman, there isn’t a cut that’s easier to style, literally comb through and go!  
  1. Shoulder Length Waves – A set of curling tongs is all you need to create stunning waves if you have shoulder-length hair, and if you don’t, there’s always clip-in hair extensions, which you can find from the UK’s leading hair extensions supplier.

Those weft hair extensions are human hair and would easily blend with your hair. Your companions wouldn’t know you’re wearing extensions! The slimline clip sits flat on the scalp and is invisible when worn, and with a little tuition, you can master that art of attaching your extensions.

5 popular hairstyle trends for 2021
5 popular hairstyle trends for 2021

All of the above styles will be seen on the major catwalks throughout Europe and with clip-in hair extensions, you can switch effortlessly from short to long and back again. Talk to your stylist about the coming Spring and Summer of 2021 to see what styles you can create, then you can plan your wardrobe to include some new hot items that will turn you into a style icon in 2021.

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